Gutenberg Blocks

This is a list of blocks that can be installed individually.

Some of them like the Melonpan Block – Container have functionality for theme and plugin developers. Melonpan Block – Post Title and others can be used by developers to extend the post layout.

Melonpan Block. Container

Block that provides a container, with styling features, which can have other blocks nested.

Melonpan Block. Code

Block to display code, with highlighted syntax, which can be copied to the clipboard.

Melonpan Block. Images

Add a gallery of images in a simple but clean layout. Simple but created to be useful.

Melonpan Block. Post List

Block that displays a list of selected Posts and Custom Post Types.

Melonpan Block. Post Title

Block that displays the current Post Title and Excerpt.

Melonpan Block. Site Title

Block that displays the current Site Title and Description.