WordPress Plugins

This is a list of plugins which provide editing functionalities as well as theme and plugin development ones.

The Typography

Use typography with the Gutenberg editor. This plugin was developed to give a clean and simple UX and to be very customizable. Typographies can be assigned to a certain context so they will only load if they are going to be used in current page. CSS selectors can be text based or created by selecting block types.

Demo Content for Blocks

Add block predefined content in a single click. This plugin was created to help developers provide a simple way for their users to add predefined content to posts. This can be useful for theme developers, providing templates with content that can be added to any post or custom post type. Plugin developers may also use it to include different example use cases of content inside their blocks.

Post Meta Controls

Register, save and modify post meta data in the Gutenberg editor. Use this plugin to add meta data controls inside a sidebar in the editor of posts, pages or custom post types. The plugin comes with different options to customize the Sidebars, Tabs, Panels and Setting controls.

Block Navigation

This plugin provides a sidebar with the current post blocks and some tools to facilitate the editing process in the Gutenberg editor. Drag blocks to a different location, select blocks, easily recognising the block from a small snippet of the block’s content, copy the block’s clientId, console.log helpful data from the block…

Image Color Palette

Utility to generate a color palette based on the dominant colors of an image. It also creates color schemes based on the image colors. The colors can be copied to the clipboard and pasted in a color picker. When a registered block is selected the plugin permits applying the color to certain block attributes like text or background color.