The Typography

Add Typography to your Gutenberg site using Google Fonts. Enter CSS selectors or select Blocks to apply custom typography.

Typography style

Available typography options include:

  • Font family & variants from Google Fonts
  • Color (hex or rgba)
  • Font size
  • Line height
  • Font weight
  • Font style (italic, normal, oblique)
  • Letter spacing
  • Text transform (capitalize, uppercase, lowercase)
  • Text decoration (line-through, overline, underline)

Typography context

Typographies can be assigned to a specific context:

  • All site
  • Post types/s (post types available on the site)
  • Post types/s template (index, single)
  • Front page
  • 404 page

Typography selectors

Each typography can have several groups of selectors with unique modifications based on the root typography. For example: a typography can be set with a certain Font, Color and Font size; each of its groups of selectors inherit those properties and one could modify the inherited color and other the inherited Font size.

Available CSS selectors include:

  • Text CSS selector (eg: .site-title a)
  • Block Selector (eg: Block Quote > Citation)


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