About GDPR and Google Fonts

This plugin lets you select fonts from the Google Fonts repository that will be loaded dynamically when selecting them in the customizer/editor (to preview the result), and loaded on the front end site. An inline style sheet is embedded with the selected CSS styles and, if one or more Font Family are selected, an external style sheet is embedded which will load the fonts from the Google servers.

As I am not a lawyer I can not guarantee anything; you can read about Google Fonts and GDPR compliance in this link.

The following filters can be used to modify (or remove) the styles and fonts before they are embedded in the front end:

  • the_typography_styles_before_enqueue: This filter receives an array with the styles before they are embedded to the front end.
  • the_typography_fonts_before_enqueue: This filter receives an array with the fonts before they are embedded as an external style sheet to be loaded in the front end.